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How do you keep the joy when life spins you out of control? What do you do or say to someone experiencing a loss? At some point we all face loss – of health, home, relationship, loved one, pet, job – and we have to know how to deal with it. Let Life Interrupted be your guide.   Who needs this book? What’s different about Life Interrupted? Kind words How Laurie supports her community

Who needs this book?

  • People on the frontline who regularly come face-to-face with others dealing with emotional pain – volunteers, caregivers, emergency responders, HR professionals, insurance adjusters, organizational leaders
  • Executives dealing with personal or professional stress, loss, or crisis
  • Leaders who want a quick answer when emotions soar during times of change in the workplace: corporate restructuring, retirements, mergers, new leadership, an employee’s serious illness
  • People who want to better prepare for the emotional impact grief brings to the workplace – who want to offer more than referrals to an employee assistance program
  • Caring friends who want to give a gift to support someone who needs encouragement and hope
  • YOU, because you want to help yourself and others deal with life’s interruptions

What’s different about Life Interrupted?

It’s honest. It’s straightforward. It’s an easy read. It covers topics others prefer not to talk about. And it has a unique focus on the workplace, and how organizational leaders can communicate and help effectively when crisis comes to work, whether on the shop floor or in the executive board room. You’ll find the perfect mix of practical tools that teach and real-life stories that inspire. Laurie makes it easy to understand what to do and what not to do – how we can help ourselves and each other – all the while reminding us of the strength of the human spirit. Life’s interruptions will happen to all of us and are part of who we are. We can live with them, live through them, come out stronger, create a happy life, and truly thrive.

Kind words

Life Interrupted is a must-read. It is passionately written and offers practical strategies to help us deal with common – yet intensely personal – experiences that challenge us all. Best of all, we are guided through this journey by an experienced and empathetic leader.”

~Marion Wright, Canadian Mental Health Association (Ontario)

“Finally, someone has broken the awkward silence! For most of us, it’s a genuine struggle – we truly want to help others in their times of need, but we’re so afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. Reading this guide is like taking CPR for the soul – now I know I can help others and make a difference.”

Deirdre Lindsay, Freelance writer

How Laurie supports her community

With every book sold, Laurie Martin makes a donation to the Healing Cycle Foundation. The Healing Cycle Foundation’s annual bike ride supports hospice palliative care by raising funds for programs that provide compassion and uphold dignity for those living with a terminal illness. When you invite Laurie to speak to your group (outside of her work with the Healing Cycle Foundation), she donates the proceeds of book sales at that event to the charity of your choice.

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