Life Interrupted INpowerment coaching

The greatest performers in life achieve that greatness through good coaching.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the pace of life? Are you tangled up in the details and feeling lost? Do you need a plan for restoring balance and reaching your goals?

Life Interrupted’s INpowerment coaching takes the road less traveled when it comes to helping people stay on track or get back on track. It’s different from training, counselling, or therapy. It offers an ongoing relationship that helps you get fulfilling results in your personal and business.

Accelerate your progress with Laurie M. Martin, your Life Interrupted coach, by your side. Get better focus, an ability to see your choices clearly, and the encouragement you need to take action. Coaching concentrates on where you are today and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be tomorrow.

When life interruptions happen, deal with issues in a non-threatening way. In any type of crisis, it’s easy to spin out of control. That’s when you need someone who can get you through the tough moments.

We all have plenty of resources within us, but we need some help accessing them and making progress. You don’t need to do it all alone. Reduce the stress that comes with not knowing what to do next.

Words from a client:

“Like me, as an executive, you have played the role of coach for your staff members and it is hard to deal with the reality that the affected person is…you! From a vision and mission for your life to goal setting – all the things we practice as good leaders in our businesses – Laurie is the one person on the sidelines who can pick you up when you are down and cheer you on as you realize that all is not lost. Laurie’s encouragement and knowledge shows us that we can live through life’s trials and tribulations and develop a more complete and satisfying life and career.”

– Golf club general manager/CEO