Seniors programs

Life Interrupted has developed several programs to help senior citizens move a little more easily through life transitions. Topics are appropriate for seniors’ day programs, community groups, health care environments, seniors’ residences, and long-term care facilities.  As many seniors will tell you, sometimes you need someone around who is not connected to your family and friends – someone you can trust and talk to, to gain a fresh perspective on living as a senior.

Older adults are often faced, for example, with giving up a beloved home. Family members may consider it to be as simple as selling a house and moving to a new place! Seniors can lean on Life Interrupted during difficult transitions like these.

Older adults might also feel this way:

  • “I feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to make things feel better.”
  • “It’s lonely and I don’t like living this way.”
  • “I don’t look forward to anything.”

Group programs are available for seniors’ residences, such as the seniors’ healthy life and balance series.

In each meeting, participants choose the focus of the conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. The interaction helps people gain clarity, realize the choices they have, and move to action.