Why workplace training?

Workplace training options:


Why workplace training?

In today’s competitive marketplace, your team has to be exceptional – in every situation, no matter how uncomfortable or difficult.

TUFF STUFF happens! Maybe you’re thinking you can wait for something to happen and just go with your gut, but this lack of preparation will cost you. Why risk failed relationships, damaged reputations, loss of business, or your job?

Don’t take a back seat – take charge. Know what to say and what to do, with understanding, skill, confidence, and compassion.

Life Interrupted training will engage and inspire you to be a sensitive and strategic on-the-spot communicator and problem-solver in the worst situations.

  • Diffuse high-stress, emotional situations using intervention techniques trusted by certified trauma specialists during some of the most devastating crises of our lifetimes.
  • Take your communication skills to an extraordinary level. Have courageous conversations without fear and anxiety. Communicate effectively no matter what level of crisis comes to work.
  • Provide meaningful experiences for members and staff that are truly above and beyond the norm – build deeper relationships that reward you personally and contribute to your club’s long-term success.
  • Apply these essential life skills wherever life takes you, personally and professionally.


Choose from these workshops / lunch and learns for your team.

Specialized and accredited workshops for the insurance/financial services sector, as well as for the golf/hospitality industry are available.

Organizational development:

  • Resilience for leaders
  • Team values and principles, team building, alignment, effectiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication styles and preferences
  • Crisis-related listening skills for leaders
  • Dealing with stress
  • Personal wellness, fitness

Education related to crisis and risk management

  • Effective “talk” for crisis  communication
  • Dealing with the TUFF STUFF
  • Critical Incident Stress Management  (CISM)
  • Critical Incident Resilience Training (CIRT)
  • Critical incident response for the workplace (individual and group)
  • Grief and bereavement
  • ·       Frontline leadership – Staying focused and confident when experiencing a crisis
  • Life after…divorce, death/suicide of a loved one, critical illness, robbery, assault/sexual assault, threat, job loss, accident/injury
  • Robbery trauma
  • Death notification: the appropriate “how to” actions and words

Training for the health care, long-term care, palliative care, and death care industries:

  • Setting up a palliative care/hospice environment and related training
  • How to be a grief companion
  • Grief and trauma support

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Learn how to be comfortable and extraordinary when faced with the most uncomfortable and extraordinary situations, giving you and your team rare tools that allow you to build powerful, stand-out relationships with staff and customers.