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I’m very excited to tell you about my fundraiser on November 17 in Toronto.

Some of you know that I donate some of the proceeds of my book sales to charity. It’s one way I give back to my community.

And here’s another! On Saturday, November 17, from 2:45 to 5 p.m. at Islington Golf Club, I’m hosting a fundraiser for two special and deserving organizations: Wellspring and Sleeping Children Around the World.

I’ll be doing a talk and launching my book, and my talented saxophone-playing friend Dave McLaughlin will be treating us to some of the most amazing jazz music you will ever hear. Please arrive by 3 p.m. for the beginning of the program.

Please come! All the details are in my flyer, including the link to buy tickets and RSVP.

Looking forward to this so much. Many thanks and hugs,