Laurie M. Martin, CTS (Certified Trauma Specialist)

Author of Life Interrupted

The extraordinary and meaningful experience of working through personal adversity led Laurie Martin to study and learn front-line intervention, psychology, and coaching techniques.

But it was the experience of truly helping people during and after their most vulnerable moments that urged her on, held her passion, and made her the trusted guide she is today.

Her mission is to help people understand, move through, and grow from the life experiences that interrupt their joy and purpose in life. 
Life Interrupted was born when a friend, a human resources professional, prompted Laurie to share what she’s learned. 

Through her company, Life Interrupted Incorporated, Laurie educates others through customized talks, training, and coaching. Her warmth, humour, sensitivity, and sincerity elevate her programs to a uniquely personal level. She freely shares stories of her own triumphs over adversity as she helps others deal with their tough moments.

Laurie’s work and compassion has taken her to international destinations. She has thousands of hours of hands-on, front-line experience, working alongside a team of professionals, following such crises as the Oklahoma City bombing, the September 11th attacks, and a devastating hurricane in Grenada. She has provided education and skilled and heartfelt support to thousands of people throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Laurie is recognized in the business community as an executive coach and grief and trauma specialist dealing with stress, both positive and negative; job loss; retirement; illness or death of a loved one; and personal image and development. Her popular “People Preparedness” curriculum covers a range of topics to help workplaces manage change, conflict, cultural diversity, and personal and business development.

Laurie has shared her expertise on television, radio, and online, including appearances on Canada AM and the Andy Barrie Show. She has also been featured in publications like Canadian Insurance Magazine, Canadian HR Reporter, the RCMP Gazette, and EAP Digest.