CrisisREADY© leadership is an innovative program developed to educate you and your people BEFORE a crisis/emergency situation occurs. The programs and talks are designed to help you understand crisis from a front-line perspective, create and implement innovative best strategies to effectively help individuals or groups who are experiencing a loss or a crisis situation, and assist teams in creating innovative workplace response plans specific to your organization.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Organizations that want to create a crisis-ready culture
  • Leaders who are called upon to create and manage emergency response/risk management plans
  • Professionals who work directly with clients experiencing some type of loss or life transition
  • Employees who provide emergency response first-aid and support

When you create a CrisisREADY© culture, you are keeping yourself and your people motivated, accountable, confident, focused, resilient and safe.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crisis education
  • CrisisREADY© leadership training and development
  • Risk Assessments made easy for employees to manage
  • Employee risk assessment for emergency planning
  • What to look for when interviewing external crisis support and resources
  • Client visit safety
  • Personal and group mentoring
  • Funeral etiquette and communication
  • Psychological resiliency for crisis/emergency, and health and safety in the workplace
  • Suicide awareness
  • Grief and loss awareness

Laurie M. Martin

CTTS, EPC, Author, Educator, Speaker and Coach

Life Interrupted Inc. was established in 2003.

Laurie was co-founder of a groundbreaking program for risk management at one of North America’s largest insurance companies.  Today Laurie is one of the industry’s finest crisis experts.  She has built a solid reputation in the classroom and on the front lines, supported by over 17,000 hours of hands-on experience during challenging and traumatic situations throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Her real-life personal and professional stories compliment her innovative strategies for crisis/emergency planning and have led to Laurie’s popularity as a trainer, life strategist/mentor and international speaker.

She has helped thousands of people around the world, including crises such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11 terrorist attacks. She has helped countless people in the aftermath of catastrophic weather situations, suicide, death, grief, illness, heart attack, financial stress, fire, robbery, internal fraud, home invasion, motor vehicle accidents, divorce, sexual assault/abuse, multiple injury situations and job loss.

Laurie is a Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, Elder Planning Counselor, CrisisREADY© Advisor, and provides Crisis Intervention Response.  She educates and empowers people through customized talks, seminars, training and mentoring.

Laurie has a message like no other!  She provides a lively and positive presentation style that immediately engages people and inspires them to think differently about what crisis is and is not, and helps them proactively set goals to effectively deal with life interruptions.   She helps people become more sensitive strategic problem-solvers when dealing with the tough stuff. Laurie comfortably wades deeply into difficult subjects, offering guidance on what to say, and do and what not to.

Programs & Services

Life Interrupted Inc. offers a variety of programs.  All content and subject matter is customized to your specific organization and profession. Some of the programs include:

  • Foundation Program: Understanding crisis, what crisis is and is not, before, during and after
  • Practical guidelines for a variety of crisis situations
  • What to look for in external resources
  • Contingency planning focusing on crisis education
  • Education tools, models and CrisisREADY© checklists
  • Death in the workplace – including grief, funeral (celebration of life) etiquette
  • CON-X-US™ Mentorship (distance learning and instruction program)  – guiding your team all the way

Education Credits Available: For further information on programs and services, or organizations providing education credits, contact


Laurie’s clients include: Hospitality/Food & Beverage/Sports, Financial Advisors, Insurance and Investment Advisors, Accountants, Realtors, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Care-providers, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Retirement Home Owners, Funeral Directors and Government Agencies.

She has been a keynote speaker for these clients and many more: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Advocis, Club Managers American Association , Club Managers Association of Europe, Investors Group, Elder Planning Issues Conference, Conference Board of Canada.

Laurie has shared her expertise on television, radio and online.  She has also been featured in over 300 publications including Canadian Insurance Magazine, Club Manager’s Quarterly, PCA Plus, The Boardroom, Club Managers American Association, Canadian HR Reporter, EAP Digest (U.S.), Help’s Here, Resources for Seniors and Caregivers, Toronto Insurance Women’s Association, Municipality World, and over 18 syndicated newspapers.


“What a great pleasure to listen and watch Laurie present such a new take on what most people see to be a 'dry' or administrative subject. Her creativity, experience, vitality, passion and brilliant presentation skills kept us wanting more, a total delight.”- Bill Sanderson, The Business Development Coach
“Laurie’s combination of experience and eagerness to help advisors add the ‘humanity’ component to their profession is a needed component in our industry. Our success depends on the ability of its people to build rapport and long-time caring relationships.”- F. Filion, Ex. Financial Advisor, Investors Group
“Laurie provided significant support for me and my whole team during and following a crisis at our club. She created instant rapport with managers, staff, the two Board of Directors and club members and smoothly provided crisis support wherever it was needed, in a non-threatening manner. Laurie easily became part of our team. She helped us get back to business quickly and with confidence - something we couldn’t have done without Laurie’s help. I will never forget the care and compassion that Laurie provided for everyone involved.”- Doug Shifflett, CCM, GM/COO, Governors Club
“Laurie teaches a deeper level of understanding crisis, and how to maintain and keep emergency response plans active, before, during and after. This six-hour session gave us the opportunity to focus on leadership ‘soft skills’ our industry so often overlooks in favor of technical credits. Laurie connects instantly with her audience. She is engaging, passionate and an articulate speaker who filled her presentation with tools and many take-aways. She incorporated club-specific crisis situations and people stories resulting in a fully informative and useful session.”- Kathryn A. Collins, Managing Director, Wisconsin Badger Chapter, CMAA

Take Action!

Invite internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and educator, Laurie M. Martin, to your next meeting, or event. Laurie delivers a powerful message. Attendees will learn how to STOP;, LISTEN;, STRATEGIZE;, and TALK comfortably in challenging situations. Learn the CON-X-US way to create trust, admiration and loyalty between professionals and their clients, co-workers, and prospects! Having influence on the lives of others is making the connection of the human-spirit so much easier!


Laurie’s national best-selling book: Life Interrupted – Greater Success by Managing Life’s Toughest Moments offers a unique focus on the workplace. It’s an easy-to-read guide and an excellent resource to help people at all levels understand loss and how to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and stay safe in a crisis or high-stress emotional situation.