CrisisREADY© leadership is an innovative program developed to educate you and your people BEFORE a crisis/emergency situation occurs. The programs and talks are designed to help you understand crisis from a front-line perspective, create and implement innovative best strategies to effectively help individuals or groups who are experiencing a loss or a crisis situation, and assist teams in creating innovative workplace response plans specific to your organization.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Organizations that want to create a crisis-ready culture
  • Leaders who are called upon to create and manage emergency response/risk management plans
  • Professionals who work directly with clients experiencing some type of loss or life transition
  • Employees who provide emergency response first-aid and support

When you create a CrisisREADY© culture, you are keeping yourself and your people motivated, accountable, confident, focused, resilient and safe.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crisis education
  • CrisisREADY© leadership training and development
  • Risk Assessments made easy for employees to manage
  • Employee risk assessment for emergency planning
  • What to look for when interviewing external crisis support and resources
  • Client visit safety
  • Personal and group mentoring
  • Funeral etiquette and communication
  • Psychological resiliency for crisis/emergency, and health and safety in the workplace
  • Suicide awareness
  • Grief and loss awareness, etiquette, and sensitive conversations

Laurie M. Martin: Crisis Catalyst Extraordinaire

Meet Laurie Martin: The Ultimate Crisis Catalyst

CTTS, EPC, Author, Educator, Speaker and Coach

Laurie: Innovator Extraordinaire is the driving force behind Life Interrupted Inc. She redefines frontline crisis education for business professionals! With a style that’s as welcoming as it is impressive, she’s your go-to for proactive, customized frontline crisis-ready education. Think of her as your secret weapon for mastering the essential human life skills often overlooked in non-emergency circles.

Elevate Your Client Care. Laurie’s programs are more than just courses; they’re your golden ticket to enhancing client care visits, adding the human component to your client visits, emergency response plans, health, and safety, and yes, even offering peer support when crisis strikes. She’s your ace in the hole when life throws curveballs. From managing, or dealing with death, loss, illness, and injury to tackling stress head-on, Laurie’s got you covered.

Unmissable Speaker and Educator. Laurie doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk! From captivating talks to transformative retreats, she empowers leaders with immediate guides for in-person crisis response techniques. She’s your partner when you need to navigate life’s most challenging moments, your entire team, including staff, leaders, management, clients, and the board of directors.

CrisisREADY© Globetrotter. Laurie’s expertise isn’t confined by borders. She’s a certified trauma treatment specialist, elder planning counselor, grief coach and support, and a true crisis support coach guru. Her thousands of hours of experience have taken her on a worldwide journey, sharing innovative practices that make organizations CrisisREADY©.

Over 350+ Articles & Counting. Laurie with her wealth of experience is backed by thousands of frontline hours and has penned over 350 articles. Her sessions are more than informative; they’re immersive, thought-provoking, and jam-packed with practical takeaways.

Get Crisis-Savvy, with Laurie. Laurie is as upfront as it gets. Her programs are accredited, offering valuable education credits. When you choose Laurie, you’re choosing results, not just theory. Get ready to thrive through life’s interruptions with the ultimate crisis catalyst!

For more information on programs, coaching, speaking, or education, contact Laurie at | 647-868-8827

Programs & Services

Life Interrupted Inc. offers a variety of keynotes, retreats, education, and workshops.

All content and choice of available subjects are customized to your specific organization and profession.

Earn Education Credits: Explore Comprehensive Programs and Services

Some of the programs and services include:

  • CrisisREADY© Leadership: Navigating Tomorrow Together Through Life’s Toughest Moments (Flagship Program)
  • Mastering Client Relationships: In Good Times and Bad Times
  • Proactive Crisis Client Services Planning:  Empowering Your Team with Knowledge
  • Effective Crisis Tools and Models:  Your Path to Being CrisisREADY like never before
  • When Death or Loss Hits the Workplace or Your Client
  • relationSHIFTS™: Relating effectively when your clients are most vulnerable
  • Proactive Health & Safety: Plans, Deterrence Best Practices and Peer Support Education for Teams

Don’t wait for something bad to happen!  For further information on programs and services, contact


  1. Mastering Self-Awareness: Understand your unique client crisis responses to transform your approach.
  2. Decode Human Behaviour: Unravel diverse crisis reactions, fostering empathy and connections.
  3. Discover Foundations: Identify core elements guiding crisis responses for effective strategies.
  4. Tailored Client Connections: Adapt and connect seamlessly with clients, building trust.
  5. Stress Alleviation: Boost awareness to reduce stress, enhancing resilience and well-being.
  6. relationSHIFTS How To Empower Others: Support others by understanding their crisis responses, and providing meaningful help.
  7. Dynamic Adaptability: Utilize understanding to proactively adjust strategies, ensuring success.


Laurie’s clients include: Hospitality/Food & Beverage/Sports, Financial Advisors, Insurance and Investment Advisors, Accountants, Realtors, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Care-providers, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Retirement Home Owners, Funeral Directors and Government Agencies.

She has been a keynote speaker for these clients and many more: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Advocis, Club Managers American Association , Club Managers Association of Europe, Investors Group, Elder Planning Issues Conference, Conference Board of Canada.

Laurie has shared her expertise on television, radio and online.  She has also been featured in over 300 publications including Canadian Insurance Magazine, Club Manager’s Quarterly, PCA Plus, The Boardroom, Club Managers American Association, Canadian HR Reporter, EAP Digest (U.S.), Help’s Here, Resources for Seniors and Caregivers, Toronto Insurance Women’s Association, Municipality World, and over 18 syndicated newspapers.


“What a great pleasure to listen and watch Laurie present such a new take on what most people see to be a 'dry' or administrative subject. Her creativity, experience, vitality, passion and brilliant presentation skills kept us wanting more, a total delight.”- Bill Sanderson, The Business Development Coach
“Laurie’s combination of experience and eagerness to help advisors add the ‘humanity’ component to their profession is a needed component in our industry. Our success depends on the ability of its people to build rapport and long-time caring relationships.”- F. Filion, Ex. Financial Advisor, Investors Group
“Laurie provided significant support for me and my whole team during and following a crisis at our club. She created instant rapport with managers, staff, the two Board of Directors and club members and smoothly provided crisis support wherever it was needed, in a non-threatening manner. Laurie easily became part of our team. She helped us get back to business quickly and with confidence - something we couldn’t have done without Laurie’s help. I will never forget the care and compassion that Laurie provided for everyone involved.”- Doug Shifflett, CCM, GM/COO, Governors Club
“Laurie teaches a deeper level of understanding crisis, and how to maintain and keep emergency response plans active, before, during and after. This six-hour session gave us the opportunity to focus on leadership ‘soft skills’ our industry so often overlooks in favor of technical credits. Laurie connects instantly with her audience. She is engaging, passionate and an articulate speaker who filled her presentation with tools and many take-aways. She incorporated club-specific crisis situations and people stories resulting in a fully informative and useful session.”- Kathryn A. Collins, Managing Director, Wisconsin Badger Chapter, CMAA

Take Action!

Invite internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and educator, Laurie M. Martin, to your next meeting, or event. Laurie delivers a powerful message. Attendees will learn how to STOP—LISTEN—STRATEGIZE—and TALK comfortably in challenging situations.


Laurie’s national best-selling book: Life Interrupted – Greater Success by Managing Life’s Toughest Moments offers a unique focus on the workplace. It’s an easy-to-read guide and an excellent resource to help people at all levels understand loss and how to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and stay safe in a crisis or high-stress emotional situation.